Brick Pointing and Repointing in Manchester

Victorian Brick Pointing

House Pointing and Repointing Services in the Manchester, Stockport and north-west regions. Brick repair and renovation specialists. Using quality colour co-ordinated pitsands and specific lime types depending on the nature of the masonry, we ensure the same type of mortar the masonry units are bedded on, goes back into the joint. Original trowel finish.

Mehcanical Repointing Service in Manchester

Mechanical Repointing

We can point any type of brick, block or stonework with joint widths upto 20mm+ using the mechanical hand powered mortar injection pumps. A beautiful finish with excellent integrity. Modern style finish.

Mastic Pointing Treated With Boiled Linseed Oil

Red Mastic Pointing

Red Mastic Brick Pointing: Manchester, Stockport and the North West. Employing traditional time tested methods, only the highest quality Red Mastic is used in conjunction with a filtered and double distilled Linseed Oil. The linseed oil is applied generously with a second coat sealing the exterior skin of brickwork from the elements. This is the original period gauged brickwork finish for Accrington type brick and comes recommended for those looking to repoint there 'tight jointed' property.

Chimney Stack Repair & Repointing

Chimney Pointing & Repair

We repair all chimney stacks and Guarantee our work for 10 years. All flashband and led work repaired.

Ridges - Chimneys - Hip Irons

Strap Pointing

Strap Pointing

Time served strap pointers in the Manchester area, ensuring your stonework is looking its best and lasting a lifetime. We ensure with any stone pointing, lime is added to the mix at a minimum ratio of 1:1 to the cement. This ensures 3 key aspects for stone jointing compounds; flexibillity, breathabillity and most importantly, reliabillity.

Flag Pointing

Flag Pointing

Flag Pointers in the Manchester area. We can rake and repoint all stone and concrete flags, including any repairation works required (replacements, extentions). We can also acid clean and preserve any surface.

Brick Pointing in Manchester & Stockport

Brickwork Raking Manchester

Brick Cleaning & Raking

Chesterfield: A typical late 18th / early 19th century summerhouse. We began by raking the joints in preparation for the replacement mortar. The joint widths determined a rake out to 12mm+. We then then cleaned the brick facade with a special brick acid calibrated for use on softer, period property masonry.




During the preparation phase, we check for any signs of brick slippage or movement in the buildings brickwork skins. The use of wall ties and helical bars are sometimes required in order to ensure lateral strength in the exterior skin and to tie the internal and external skins together to prevent any movement between the two.


Brick Repointing Manchester

Making a Start on the Pointing

Using color co-ordinated pitsand, carefully chosen lime types and in some cases cement additives to correlate PH to coincide with local Northern fly-ash mortar mixtures, we're able to produce bespoke mortars designed specifically for their given application/environment.

Click here for more info on how different cements and additives can help and sometimes hamper your pointing.

Setting up for the day.




High Quality Brick Pointing Services in Manchester

Professional Brick Pointing Services in Manchester

Following raking and acid cleaning, we repointed the full building using an in-house hybrid lime mortar.


Professional Quality - Personal Service



Pointing Manchester

When looking for high-quality brick pointing or stone repointing, Manchester customers come to us. As experienced masons serving customers right across the North West, we provide a specialist pointing service that you can trust.

We are a family-run business and we have been providing pointing and related services since 2005. We offer our customers a range of specialist services, so if you need pointing work or any related service, call us today.


Pointing Experts You Can Trust

We specialise in a wide range of pointing styles and finishes. We will be happy to provide you with any of the following types of pointing:

  • Strap pointing
  • Lime pointing
  • Tuck pointing
  • Bucket handle detail pointing
  • Victorian brick pointing
  • Weather struck pointing
  • Stone mastic pointing
  • Brick mastic pointing
  • Chimney pointing
  • Flag pointing

    In addition, we can provide a range of application methods including the following:

  • Finger trowel
  • Jointing bars
  • Pointing trowel
  • Pointing guns

    No matter what they need when it comes to pointing, Manchester residents come to us because they know we can deliver. We provide the high quality that you expect, no matter what your pointing job involves.


    Choose Experienced Professionals For Your Pointing

    When they decide to hire experts in pointing, Manchester residents use us because they know we have the skills and experience they need.

    Choosing an inexperienced pointing service could lead to serious problems including damaged brickwork. This can happen when the bond in the joint is stronger than the brick, for example; wrong type of mix, inhibiting the breathabillity of the mortar, which is a serious problem in older houses with solid wall type construction walls that need to 'sweat' the moisture taken onboard through usual weathering and internal condensation from cooking etc. Another aspect to consider is the of the mortar. PH mismatches that can lead to reactions between the original mortar the bricks are bedded on and the new repointing mortar. We can adjust the mix constituents to match the original mortar beds ensuring a chemically calibrated (acidic / alkaline) mortar . Also, in some cases where the mixture has particularly high cement content, the strength of the mortar can prevent the masonry units from effectivly expanding and contracting which causes the brick or stone to flake / crumble.

    Pointing is essential for keeping the damp out, which can also help to keep your home warmer and more comfortable – and this can help you to cut your heating bills. However, always make sure you choose a professional with experience to avoid potential problems.



    Get a Free Quote Today

    We'd be happy to hear from you if you want to find out more about pointing. Manchester customers can simply give us a call for a no-obligation quote at any time, and we'll answer any questions you have. If you want to hire pointing specialists who will get the job done to a high standard and for a great price, call us today.


    Our Gurantee

    Our Guarantee

    All works undertaken by ourselves comes with a suitable gurantee. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, we endevour to put it right immediatly with minimum disruption.

    We Guarantee all our works.

    Low Cost SolutionsFlexible & Punctual

    We know how disruptive building work can be. Thats why we aim to be the most flexible yet reliable builders out there. Getting the job done when best suits you and in good time.


    Skilled Tradesmen

    Skilled Tradesmen

    Time served tradesmen ensuring a top quality finish on your project everytime. Each trade is specific, and so each job undertaken is by a tradesmen who specialises in that area.