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K- Rend

K Rend Experts in the Manchester, Tameside & Stockport areas. Fully qualified applicators of this unique waterproof silicone based aggregate.

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K Rend is available in a range of colours, K Rend also comes with a 25 Year Manufacturers Maintainance Free guarantee.

ScratchCoat Manchester Tameside Stockport

Scratch Coat

Quality K Rending in the North West using sand and cement scratch coats for budget application, or Kilwaughters own flexible polymer modified HPX basecoat for problematic and uneasy surfaces.

K Rend Guarantee Manchester Tameside Stockport

K- Guarantee

We backup K Rends Gurarantee with our own, in the promise that in the event of a failure in the Krend, we endeavour to put it right immediatly with minimumn fuss, at no cost to you.

Waterproofing manchester tameside stockport

Water Proofing

Waterproofer can prove invaluable. Added to the scratchcoat, the waterproofing additive acts as a moisture repellent stopping water ingress into the face of the brick, without this additive the mositure would soak in and over winter time freeze and expand consequently blowing affected areas.

Quality suppliers

Quality Materials

All our materials are sourced from reputable Trade Building Merchants. Rest assured that all paints, powders, primers adhesives, beads and bits are high spec top quality products, ensuring a quality long lasting finish on your project everytime.

Our Gurantee

Our Guarantee

All works undertaken by ourselves comes with a suitable gurantee. In the unlikely event of something going wrong, we endevour to put it right immediatly with minimum disruption.

We Guarantee all our works.

Low Cost SolutionsFlexible & Punctual

We know how disruptive building work can be. Thats why we aim to be the most flexible yet reliable builders out there. Getting the job done when best suits you and in good time.


Skilled Tradesmen

Skilled Tradesmen

Time served tradesmen ensuring top quality finishes on your projects everytime. Each trade is specific, and so each job undertaken is by a tradesmen who specialises in that area.